betty is a transexual...
<[eL]rick i heard they killed themselves
<[eL]rick getting tired of you guys camping
<[eL]rick which is facts
betty|ltr they were trying there hardest
<[eL]rick because you guys are fucking horrible
<[eL]rick all you do is run
<[eL]rick laugh
[eL]rick rushing them 4on1?
betty|ltr trust me, we changed our style
[eL]rick good job
betty|ltr we said no more camp
[eL]rick laugh
betty|ltr we move out and take em head on
betty|ltr and run
[eL]rick yep
[eL]rick i'm sure
[eL]rick face us ONE time
[eL]rick all five rounds
[eL]rick head on
betty|ltr no seriously cut the shit talk, the tried there best but got raped :p
[eL]rick SEE what happens
betty|ltr we will man im tellin u
betty|ltr :)
[eL]rick you guys will get fucking raped
[eL]rick i don't care if you guys beat sQ or not
[eL]rick you guys won't ever beat us again
[eL]rick so congrats?
betty|ltr sure we will next time we face :)
betty|ltr thats why i love u, u make match time so fun
betty|ltr cuz the rivarly is huge
[eL]rick the only time you guys came close
[eL]rick to beating us
[eL]rick is when you were running
[eL]rick and we chased EVERY round
[eL]rick whenever we got you guys cornered, you got fucked EVERY time
[eL]rick take edge for example
betty|ltr just wait man with dabibsta we got a solid lineup
betty|ltr next scrim we have
[eL]rick we fucking surrounded your faggot asses in mega
[eL]rick you guys couldnt do shit
betty|ltr we'll meet u wherever u go
[eL]rick DABIBSTA?
[eL]rick ROFL
[eL]rick you guys should stick to using core
[eL]rick at least core is 'decent' at best
[eL]rick dabibsta is fucking hrorible
betty|ltr dabibsta owns u rick
[eL]rick rofl?
[eL]rick nobody touches me in matches
[eL]rick the only time i actually take ra2 1/4 the way seriously
[eL]rick you guys are try hard 24/7 in ra2
[eL]rick shit is so funny
betty|ltr every1 in ltr is better than you
[eL]rick it shows
[eL]rick how many losses you guys have collectively?
[eL]rick 7/24
[eL]rick NICE
09 Oct 2008 by rick

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