eL is going Quake live.
Well, I think we finally found another game for us to move onto and compete in considering ra2 is so alive. eL will be moving to quake live as their main game. We will also be switching IRC servers to join the other clans that utilize IRC. Our new home base will be: Server: irc.quakenet.org Channel: #qsquared. Come and join us! :D We're moving IRC servers for a couple of reasons: 1) Basically ETG and all of it's admins are piles of shit that are too power happy and ban you for the dumbest shit. 2) All Quake Live clans use it and if we want to get scrims/matches/updates easily, we need to be where the rest of the players are. I will keep eL on the ra2 OGL ladder til it's completely dead and we'll continue competing on it. We're just switching what our main game of play is. I wonder what stealth/relax/mols are going to do without us keeping ra2 alive. They might be forced to get a life, :shocked: . hahahha, fucking losers.
13 Feb 2009 by rick

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